Clarify your business ideas, craft a strategy and translate it into visually appealing language that the customers can understand and relate to.

- you are launching a new product/service your audience needs to know about
- you care more about customer loyalty than revenue
- you want to stay ahead of the competition in your category and not be left behind
- you are changing your company's name or merging with another company
- you are a start-up and want to change the world
- you are a start-up and need to raise venture capital to fund your world-changing idea

Design cannot cure cancer. It could, however, bring attention to the cause, solicit funding and investment, facilitate community discussions, celebrate success stories and help make dealing with it a bit easier. (quote by Lee Stone, T.)

The identity system is the core of your brand, so it should be well-planned in advance. Partnering with a brand agency from the beginning of the process will assure that you keep a consistent direction and do not deviate from the core idea of your business, the one that will set you apart in a crowded marketplace.

A standard brand identity process takes about three months depending on the communication between us. Projects that require vast research, workshops, multiple touchpoints, campaigns or different subcontractors will naturally take longer. Plan ahead.

Prices are discussed in person, when all the details of your project are taken into consideration. Think of the process as an investment in your company's reputation. How much does your reputation cost?

We see design as innovation. We collaborate with people in adopting an innovative approach to substantial parts of their business. The design process is combined with the company vision to impact all aspects of the client's products or services.

One of the main problems with design is that its perception is subjective. People raised in different cultures and environments have different thinking processes and tastes. Before starting the creative process, keep in mind design solutions provided are visual expression of the strategic goals set for the project. In that respect graphic solutions should not be judged by personal taste (I like it / I don't like it), but by whether they solve the problems outlined in the brand brief and strategy.

We have limited time and number of projects we can do per year and we have to choose partners who inspire us opposed to just clients. Tell us why your project should be one of the five or six we take per year?

Branding projects are about collaboration and partnership rather than strictly following directions. The best results are achieved when all parties are fully involved and enthusiastic about the process. If you are not excited about your own business, don't expect anyone else to be.

Although we believe that every fruitful partnership is based on mutual respect and trust, certain circumstances might require us signing a Non-disclosure agreement before initiating the project. Please note that costs will be considerably higher when a NDA is signed.